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Anonymous said: Can you do a tutorial on how to draw butts? (I'm dead serious right now)
I replied:


I’m still working on drawing them myself, but what I can do for you is give you some reference pictures and tutorials!  I pretty much save a lot of pics of nice butts and use them as reference.

If you want to have some of my pics, you can download it here

You might need an account though, I’m not sure.  But, I hope that helps!

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font friday on a tuesday 4/15/14 by addictedtophotoshop [download]
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Evening Dress
Mme. Eta Hentz
Spring/Summer 1944
This elegant evening dress is a superb adaptation of a classical garment for modern-day dress. The upper portion of the dress resembles a Greek chlamys or a Roman palla, while the fluted skirt mimics the bottom half of a Roman stola.
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黒哥@Greater Vasa Parrot has proposed an arrangement of the scarf.

It is BIRB FASHN HOUR WITH YOU HOST gramma birb. Come look at scarf. Come closer. More scarf. AH! Bite nose, haHA
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Some after-sex cuddling.Okay, I’m going to leave this here and then get off before someone starts cursing and yelling at me, byyyyyye! (if I’m ashamed for posting this, what am I gonna do when I upload uncensored drawings? Explode? XD)Reference photo—> I’ll put it here as soon as I find it again!Art (c) Hanatsuki89/sorachan89
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Photo by:Najah